20 Ways To Make Money Online At Home [Updated]

When you need to have some extra money, what do you do?

In the past, you will look for a second job.

Today, with the help of the internet, there are many ways you can earn extra money online.

By the time you read until the end of this article, you’ll know the 20 ways to make money online at home.

1. Online Surveys

Online paid surveys are the easiest way to make money online. It does not require any special skills to complete the surveys.

Many companies pay survey companies to find out what consumers think about their products or services. By completing the survey, you will get paid by cash, vouchers, points, gift cards. Reward amounts normally depend on the length and the urgency of surveys.

Paid surveys are a risk-free way to earn money online. Legit paid survey site will never ask you for any fees. They are always free to join. Sometimes you may receive a free product to test or try out.

Some of the good ones are listed below:

Swagbucks, Toluna, Vivatic, Global Test Market, MySurveyValued Opinions, The Opinion Panel, Pinecone, SurveyBods, PopulusLive, PanelBase, Branded Surveys, Opinion OutpostFusion Cash, CashcratePrizerebel, Vivatic

2. Paid for Searching The Web

Nowadays the fastest way to get the information we want is to search the internet. What if you could get paid for doing that?
Let’s look at a few sites and search engines that will pay you for using them.

2.1 Swagbucks

Swagbucks.com is the web’s most popular rewards program that gives you free gift cards and cash for everything you do online. This site offers a number of ways to make money online and searching the web is among the most popular methods. Make Swagbucks your default search engine and earn SB for your searches.

2.2 Bing Rewards

Bing is the Microsoft search engine. It is the major competitor to Google. In order to have more users, Bing reward was created. You earn credits for searching with Bing, collecting points every time you use Microsoft store, download apps and purchase Microsoft products. You can install Bing as your default browser and you earn credits when you do your searches. These credits accumulated in your account and you can redeem for rewards. This program is free to join.

2.3 Qmee

Qmee.com is a website that pays you for searching the internet with their browser app. You can also earn when you shop with coupons and special deals.

There is no minimum cashout amount with Qmee. You can request for your earnings at any time.

3. Build A Website

Making money from a website is possible. We all know that. Nowadays we are searching the internet for products, services, and information. Your website will help to generate passive income and make money while you sleep.

You can learn how to build your website easily without prior experience and also how to have 2 FREE websites.

There are many ways to generate income from your website. It isn’t easy but possible. The following 6 ways will get you started.

3.1 Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to make money from your website. You start by looking for a product to promote on your website. After you have identified the product, sign-up with the company that supplies the product. When there is a purchase made through your website, you earn your commission.

3.2 Pay Per Click Advertising

When you sign up with Google Adsense, Google will display relevant advertisement on your website. When someone clicks on the ad, you get paid.

3.3 Sell Advertisement Space

You can sell your advertisement space to companies looking to put their ads. This type of ads are typically shown in the form of banner ads and the ads are provided by the advertisers. Pricing and payment vary from site to site and often dependent on the amount of traffic the site receives. You make more when your site has lots of traffic.

3.4 Sell your own products – E-commerce store

You can set up an online store and sell your own products.

3.5 Build an email list

Your email list comprised of your most loyal visitors. The objective is to convert as many strangers who visit your site to become your followers who want to receive up-to-date information about your content. It is always important to create a long term relationship with your followers.

3.6 Sell your website

If you have built up your website with followers, advertisement and have sold some products, you might be able to sell it to someone and make some money. If you are good at building websites, you can sell ready-made sites.

4. Review Website and Apps for Cash

UserTesting.com is a new platform that pays you cash for visiting websites and apps.

How does it work?

UserTesting gives you a website or apps for your feedback, you are required to complete a set of task and speak your thoughts aloud. You get paid $10 via PayPal. The task takes about 20 minutes to complete.

5. Data Entry Task


There are quite a number of companies providing data entry tasks to work from home. Beware of the many scams out there. These scammers usually asked you to pay for a list of companies that offer data entry jobs.

Some legit companies that offer data entry jobs are AccuTran Global, Axion Data Services, Birch Creek communications, Capital Typing, Click Worker, GoTranscript, QuickTate/iDictate, Scribie, Lionbridge SmartCrowd, and Working Solutions.

6. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant’s responsibility is like a secretary. Tasks include answering phone calls, schedule meeting, responding to emails and many more. Those virtual assistants with special skill like marketing or programming will normally earn a higher income.

7. Telecommuting Customer Service

Many companies have opened doors to remote positions. They hire work-at-home employees for part-time or full-time customer service. If you are looking for a legit work-from-home customer service job, you might want to check out these companies.

8. Live Chat Customer Service

The only difference between telecommuting customer service and live chat customer service, is that live chat customer service uses type messages in answering customer questions.

Companies are hiring more live chat customer service these days. This service is getting more popular as many people prefer live chat to using the phone.

You can apply to the same companies that hire telecommuting customer service.

9. Writing

If you enjoy writing, there are a few ways to earn money.

  • Blogging / Web Content Writing – You can write blogs for other people’s website and get paid or blogging on your own website and monetize it.
  • Copywriting – copywriting is one of the most expensive types of writing.
  • Academic writing
  • Resume/Cover Letter Writing – You can join Resume Writers as a writer or market your own writing service at Fiverr.
  • News Writing – If you are interested in news, you can write for a news network site, like SmartBrief where you summarize news stories and get paid.
  • Email Marketing Specialist
  • Ebook Writing
  • Fiction Writing

For writing jobs, you can look into these companies

10. Start A YouTube Channel

Do you have any hobby or experiences that you want to share with people?

You can start a YouTube channel on any topic and make money on

  • Advertisement
  • Selling products or services
  • Direct traffic to your website

11. Be A Social Media Freelancer

Social Media Freelancer






If you are interested in social media, you can help companies who do not have any idea how to do social media marketing or they just do not have time to do it.

Companies and job boards that hire social media freelancer are

12. Transcriptionist

If you type fast and good at listening to audio recording, you might be interested to be a transcriptionist.

A transcriptionist listen to audio recording and puts it into writing.

The audio recording includes interviews, medical files, court hearings, college/university lectures, etc.

These companies hire a transcriptionist

13. Translator

If you speak more than one language, you can be a translator.

A translator translates text or audio into a language that the audience can understand.

Some of the best companies to work with are

14. Listen to Music Online

There are many musicians who want feedback on their songs. You will earn a cash reward by leaving feedback.

15. Earn with Your Voice

You can get paid by reading voice-over scripts for video, advertising and audio books. You can do this task online and at home.

To get started, register at Fiverr or Upwork.

16. Participate in Research Studies

Companies never stop conducting research studies on their products. The data collected are used to improve the quality of their products for better customer experience.

Register with Respondent and Paid User Studies to get paid for participating in research studies.

17. Sell Your Photo

If you like photography, you can sell your photo to

18. Sell Crafts

If you are good at making unique handmade crafts, you can sell them at online market place Etsy and Zazzle.

19. Create Online Courses

If you have a certain skill or knowledge that will benefit others, you can create online courses.

You can work with Udemy, Teachable, and Skillshare.

20. Online Tutor

If you are a college graduate, you can earn some extra money by giving online tuition. You can apply to Eduboard, an online tutoring site.


Final Thought

I hope you find the above information useful for making extra money online.  Are you currently earning any extra money online?

Please feel free to share your experience or comments below.

If you are seriously thinking about earning money online for a living, and be able to work anywhere you like and when you like, you need to have the knowledge to do it.

I highly recommend you to get the step by step training and support by Wealthy Affiliate.  It is free to sign-up and you will get two free websites.


Christine is passionate about building a successful online business and helping others to do the same.


  1. Very useful information. I don’t have any knowledge about these but now I get some ideas to enter in it.

    • Hi Raheny,
      Thanks for reading the article. I am glad that you have some ideas about earn extra money online. There are free to register. Did you try register to any of them ?

  2. Thank you for a list of all these awesome ways that one can earn money online. I never realised that there were so many legit ones. I think I like the idea of starting your own website one the best, as I have always wanted to try doing this.

    Designing websites and having your own store online if you know how to do it properly would be ideal. Just imagine a shop that is open 24/7.

    Also looking at User Testing, I thought they pay out pretty high at R$20 for twenty minutes work. I will definitely take a closer look at this one. Do you have any experience with this company? You don’t often find sites that give this type of payout, so I was wondering.

    • Thanks for your comment, Michel!

      If you do not have a website yet, try creating a website on your own and have 2 free websites with hosting to work on.

      Personally, I do not have any experience with UserTesting.com. Some of my friends have done that and they like it.

      Give it a try and let me know how it goes 🙂

  3. Hello, Wow, this is a great blog post! Thank you so much for sharing this, this is just what I needed!

    I love how simple it is to go to all your points short sweet and to the point.. I especially love the index at the beginning of your post! 

    You have some awesome ideas… some I didn’t think of and now might be doing down the road… like listening to music online. That seems like it would be a fun way to discover new music. 

    • Thanks for your comment, Christina!

      Glad to know that you find this post helpful.

      Try listening to music online and share your experience with us 🙂

  4. Yaay great list Christine!

    I’m quite attracted to trying at number 3.6 – selling a website. I have heard and come across many people selling their websites on Flippa and it looks so easy! Some even got a hefty $5k from there while other matured and more authorized websites managed to get $10k and above.

    Maybe those sites are all very good and popular websites with nice traffic, I’m thinking around 25,000-ish monthly web visitors minimum. My site currently has about 3k visitors a month and I’m planning to increase it to maybe 8k a month by December hehe. In your opinion, how many years should I keep a website before I decide to sell it? Supposing I did manage to get that high of a number for web visitors though 😀

    • Thanks for your comment, Riaz!

      Good for you that you are interested in developing websites and flip them. That’s a good way to make money 🙂

      In my opinion, traffic volume and income generated from the website are important factors for the sale of a website.

      Wish you success in building your websites.

  5. Hi Christine

    This is a great informative and educated article about online income deal. I am very happy after your article. Here wrote about 20 ways to earn money online and gave a detailed idea about this. This is a very useful article for me. Good advice for getting extra income from your article. I liked the work of Swagbucks web. I will get to know more about this website and start working. I think this article should be read by everyone. in that, they will get better ideas for the extra income.

    Thank you so much for the helpful article.

    • Thanks for your comments, Rana!

      Glad to know that you find this article helpful.

      Swagbucks is a good place to start. There are many ways you can earn extra money from there.

      All the best and look forward to you sharing your experience with Swagbucks 🙂

  6. wow, I didn’t know there were many ways to learn money online, I knew just a couple of them. Actually, the internet is giving a great opportunity for those who want to earn some extra money or start a business. I like the way you went straight to the point explaining those ways to make money, so you can understand all of those.

    This was an amazing article as I could learn other many options that are out there. I felt attracted for the online surveys and the online tutor, however, I need to gain more experience in order to apply for those.

    Based on your experience which ones do you recommend for a newbie?

    Thanks for this useful information

    • Thanks a lot for your comments, Andres!

      For a newbie, an online survey is the easiest to get started. Anyone can do this.

      If you have a long term plan for starting an online business, it will be good to start building a website. There are many ways you can generate income from a website.

      No worry if you do not know how to build a website. You can learn to build a website in a simple way and get 2 free websites with hosting 🙂

      All the best to you.

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