About Me

Hello! Welcome to OnlineIncomeDeal.com. Like most people, I am always looking for something that will keep me active after retirement and at the same time make some extra money.

About Me

My husband and I live far away from our parents, our siblings and our children. We always wanted to be able to travel and visit them. Visiting and staying with our parents after our retirement is our dream. In order to have time and money to travel, I have to look for work from home jobs that will allow me to make money whenever and wherever I want. I have tried a few direct marketing businesses. It did not work out for me.

I started searching on the internet for work from home job. It seems like making money online is the way for me. To be honest, at that time I was not sure if I can do this. I never buy or sell things online. Not to mention creating my own website! I told myself that I have to give it a try if I want to have the time and money to travel.

Looking around in the internet, trying to find any work from home job that works for me. I have tried online surveys, made a few $$.  This might be good as a side income but is not good enough as retirement income.  I need to look for something that will create a long-term business. I signed up for some “start your internet business at home” program.  Some of these programs are scams and did not actually teach me how to create a long-term business.  I have to keep on searching for the right one. Finally, one of those days that you feel that something great is going to happen, and it happened. I clicked on an advertisement that said “Free affiliate marketing program membership”. FREE for real? that’s the question in my head. I signed-up without giving out my credit card details. It is FREE!

Just Giving Help

Now I know that it is possible to earn an extra income from my online business and the freedom to work anywhere and anytime. I know there are many people like me wondering what to do after retirement and how to earn an extra income.  I wanted to help those people like me who are looking to create an online business.

The Goal of OnlineIncomeDeal.com

The purpose and goal of OnlineIncomeDeal.com are to educate and train people who are looking to earn an extra income and ability to work whenever and wherever they want.
If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


All the best,




Christine is passionate about building a successful online business so she can help others to do the same.

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