Choosing Niche Market

How To Choose A Niche for Affiliate Marketing

One of the most important decision in affiliate marketing is to choose a niche market.  It is good to choose a niche that you are knowledgeable or passionate about.  Besides knowledge and passionate, your niche must have a large enough audience. You do not want to choose a niche that is too narrow or too broad. if your niche is too narrow, you will not have enough audience. On the other hand, if your niche is too broad, you will face with competition. This is a business, you also want to choose a niche that you can solve your target customers’ problem and it is profitable at the same time

1. Identify Your Interest and Passions

Start making a list of 10 interest and passions areas, and narrow down to the final one.

2. Identify how you can help or solve problems in this niche. 

Identify a niche that has many problems and many people are looking for solutions. People are happy to spend money to make their life easier.

3. Research Your Competition

When there are many people interested in a particular niche, there is lots of money to be made and there is lots of competition as well. To compete with your competitions, you have to produce high-quality, detailed contents that help your audience solve their problems.

4. Profitability

Can you profit from this niche market? this is the question you want to ask yourself.

5. Listen to Other People

Sometimes we can hear from our friends, family, co-workers and others talk about their interest and hobby. This can be a niche market to explore.

6. Latest Magazine

Look into latest magazines, see what is popular. If an item is popular, the advertisers will spend money to promote it.

7. TV Commercials

TV commercials always sell trendy products. This will give you ideas on the popular and newest items in the market.

8. Amazon.com and Ebay.com

Go to Amazon.com and Ebay.com to see what is ‘HOT’ over there.

Big Pond, Little Fish versus Little Pond, Big Fish

Big Pond , Little Fish – Some marketers like to be in this market where they can profit from just a small piece of a big pie.

Little Pond, Big Fish – In this segment, the niche is more specific, there are not many competitions and you can become an expect in this segment.

Which market place do you want to be? There is no right or wrong answer for this. You make a choice.


Once you have chosen the niche market you would like to explore, you can look further to see if there is any untapped opportunity within the niche. You can research further into sub-niches. For example

Joint Health>Arthritis> Osteoarthritis>Women Osteoarthritis Arthritis

Focus on one specific niche to work on, and become the go-to person for that niche.  it is not advisable to be ‘Jack of all trades and master of none’

If your first niche does not work well, find a new niche. I am sure you will find a few niches that you can work on.



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